Hello, this is just a small journal where i will be sporadically posting updates about life and work.

18th May 2017

So I’ve given in my final project at university, and I’m graduating soon! It’s been a very hectic and stressful time, I’m feeling quite lost now, I don’t really have a game plan.

I’ve got ideas in mind, but I still don’t know how well they will pan out, I will still be perusing pixel art, but I do love graphic novels and such. I really want to do a full adaption of Swan Lake like I did for my children’s book project in my second year.

I don’t really know how to feel about university, it feels like I haven’t achieved much in these past few years, but maybe it’s just the depression talking. I at least came out of it with a few things came out of it, and that’s better than zero. I just don’t want to become a NEET.

I just want to try and move forward and prove my worth as much as I can!

23rd Feb 2017

So the plan to turn this into my art site fell through since it doesn’t look very professional. It’s Semi-brand recognition problems and semi-web design has gotten frightfully boring these days and everyone must have the same tumblr esque plain white background to be taken seriously. It’s kind of a shame, but hopefully re-jigging it all and having a free standing website for it will be better. I showed them bitmap dreams and they would like me to have something similar. I do wonder where my graphic novel is going to come in but, i’m an eclectic artist as it is…

so, i’ll be working on the portfolio website in the shadows and when i become a supporter i’ll load it all into another website, i’ll still be keeping the 88X31 buttons i do on here and put up other goodies i have on here.

I’ll be going back to my old name Hello Sailor, and hopefully have a little more fun with this website and polish it up nicely, it’s always been in a rough old state haha. Hopefully when i have some side time i can make that Kira Yoshikage (not so secret) secret page, as he is my darling. And maybe i’ll put some David Bowie things up like the old hello sailor was, and maybe just some general cool nice stuff to put up on here

28th Sept 2016

Yeah, sorry i took so long updating the website! I was actually very surpised with the amount of people wanting to comission my work, i had alot of stuff to do over the summer!

I'm very pleased with it, but i'm going to have to call off a lot of public comissions, but i would still love to do more small icons for people, they are very fun.

Still watching JJBA, very glad with how Kira has turned out Mori is a great voice actor, i can't belive we are already on the Kosaku arc, goodbye blonde bomshell! ;_;

I've started back at university again, i can't belive how it's only been one day and i already want to fear vomit. Wish me luck, i would love to begin proper work on Venus anatomica and not just me thinking about it!

20th july 2016

Super exited for the next JJBA arc because thats when Kira appears! but i think it might be one or two more episodes before we see his first appearance, one can hope!

i've been churning out alot of deco pixelwork, but i'm not really sure what to with the themeing of the overall website, it looks a bit bare bones though! I've reveiwed fauux again and i'm still inlove with their use of graphical design it's so nice!

super dissapointed that pokemon go keeps on crashing on my phone, i don't know if it's because it's a iphone 4s or it's just the servers, but i've got barely any space left on it, i thought i cleaned out all of my pictures from italy and got them on my computer but they are still hanging around. The wonders of iphones! Still, probably going to ask for a new one.