If you are caught in an enternal death loop reliving your life between the ages of 12 and 24 with the universe against you, you might aswell have fun with it. Redd is engaged, Redd is an eternal partygirl, Redd is the girl on the side of the milk carton, Redd is schrodinger's gunslinger, Redd is the girl who is sleeping next to you at the dead of night.


White is a happily married woman living in a small flat in the big city, She and her Wife are constantly talking about their future, juggling the idea of adoption or IVF, and want to move out soon into a more suburban atmosphere to start a quiet life. Authough Both of their jobs are so demanding they struggle with the idea of passing the torch onto younger members onto the company they so lovingly build from the ground up.


An Odd fellow with one blind eye, he seems to be somewhat passive agressive and unwilling to talk about his own life. He is involved with an expanding number of Govermental organizations authough ultimately is firmly under Redds thumb as her "Best Friend"


A War Vet that has lived in the desert with a group of people for much of their life now, eating beans, making bad music with friends and has a big passion for fixing up cars and bikes. A Friendly warm character that dispite first apperances is a generous, fun loving person.

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