When a Rich son of a large CEO has his computer hacked and large amounts of his files are exposed online revealing a horrific snuff fetish a single video has taken the interest of an Occult image board.

A Woman cheerfully talks to the people of a live stream, explaining who she is and who is going to be killing her, what tools are available to them and encouraging the live stream chat to chime in with any actions and how any extra tip money can be sent to them.

Then it begins, she is tortured for about an hour before her body gives out and goes limp. The camera pans across her still body as the chat explodes in confusion as her body has suddenly disappeared. A "you okay?" is heard behind as the camera spins around, the image of the same girl comes into focus for a second before the camera cuts out. The stream cutting out shortly after.

And so it Catches fire with much debate on what really happened on this small image board. People are determined to get some kind answer for this.

A Photograph

There is a girl called Maria that for some reason is tied up in the sleeper cabin of a Semi-truck that is en route through the Nevada Dessert. Before she completely comes to the truck suffers a horrible crash. The driver has died instantly and she has to get help on her own.

She is the centre of the story as her identity is accidentally revealed in the story of crash. At the age of 12 onwards she has been harassed as the only witness to a crash at a site that had nothing to crash into.

As she grows up she begins to discover, how the event that changed her life happened, and more importantly why.


Redd has to convince White that she is herself, just from another universe. So she begins spilling her secrets


Redd has been sleeping next to someone called Edward for a very long time now, they both know that the other is awake; neither wants to say the first word. They are Friends.


When black is left stranded out in the field, Redd has just died and he can only wait for her to come back soon so he can travel back to his original universe.

However black quickly realises that she isn't going to turn up.

Sure black can try to make a life for himself here, but he has a feeling that it wouldn't work out.


Redd has dream about her meeting her fiance.


Edward is sad today, Redd helps them in her own way

Seven Sinners in the Morgue

Seven people are sealed in an abandoned morgue under a casino to play a game.

The stakes grow higher and higher as people start disappearing one by one.

White is here, Redd has just come along for fun.


Redd spends a week with Blue and her gang in effort to get to know her better. Blue opens up about her time in the army.

Playing with dolls

Redd tries to have a normal life


The gang may be split up as they are going on with their own lives but they still have time to chat on the phone to each other.

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