Hello my name is George, i'm a UK illustration student. i mostly do digital art and i love pixel art.

I was on the tail end of the death of Geocities and i have fond memories of boping around the old websites, my smaller self was gutted when it was closed down.

Seeing the neocities project i fell inlove, and created "Hello sailor" a tribute to the old David bowie fansites that we have lost, and those that are still standing. despite much of the website being completed it didn't get off the ground due to my then current university life. Then with the passing of David Bowie i unfortunately trashed most of the website.

Months later i decided to rekindle my love of retro internet looking at what people could do with just simple code

Why is it called Hello Sailor?

Okay, so basically I’ve been running a David Bowie blog on my Tumblr for upwards of 5 years now, and I just kind of grasped onto his fairly mild sailor persona that happened during the Isolar tour, though "Hello Sailor" is specifically from "The secret Roseland" broadcast.

Hey, why is your screen name kicked-in-teeth?

Ok, i used to marathon never mind the buzzcocks and one episode was hosted by Frankie Boyle and i remember him commenting on how lovely another celebs teeth where and how his where "like a kicked in graveyard" i have kind of awful, crowded teeth myself, so my mind kind of just extrapolated it from there

Hey man can i talk to you?

sure! you can email me @ geonex@hotmail.co.uk i've got skype and discord too